our process

Plastic and other materials can alter the flavor of the milk, 

for the best taste and environmental impact, glass is best! Why plastic?

Why Glass?

Rinse bottles clean to remove any milk, then bring to the farmers market or our farm store. 

For home delivery, simply leave them out before delivery. 

How do I return bottles?

To pre order products, we offer a KBRB pick up at our farm store every Thursday.

When setting up an account, select KBRB pick up instead of home delivery.

At the farmers markets, products are first come first served. 

Can I reserve milk for
the farmers market?

our cows

The ladies would love to meet you, but unfortunately our 175-year-old barn

doesn’t make great for tours at this time.

When the time is right, we hope to build a new barn and would love to have you all! 

Can we visit the cows?

Grass when it is available, hay, silage

and a mixture of corn (grown locally by our neighbor), grains, salt, and minerals. 

What do the cows eat?

Calves drink milk until they are around 2 months.

They grow to drink up to 40 gallons of water per day. 

What do the cows drink?


Do you use growth hormones?

Our cows quality of life is top priority for us. If one of our cows is sick and suffering and antibiotics are needed to help them, we treat them. The cow is then milked separately

 from the rest of the herd until her milk is negative when tested.  

do you treat cows with antibiotics?

Our herd has one bull that will breed our herd for several months and

then move onto another farm. On some occasions if a cow has not breed

after some time we do use AI, artificial insemination. 

how do you breed your cows. 

Martha, Lars, Steam, Bethany, Hay-Hay, Minnie, J-Lo, Brittany, Bruce, Tay-Tay,

Sassy, Spice, Kanga, Half-Calf, Cardi, Beyoncé, Linda, Tallulah, Moana, Kiwi...

What are some of your cows names?